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Contain is speeding up indoor agriculture financing. Our platform connects the people who make indoor growing happen. Learn more about our leasing and insurance programs, and take your next step by applying.

The challenge

We know how difficult it is to get financing for indoor farms. Traditional farm finance methods don’t apply to indoor agriculture. Our team of indoor agriculture and finance veterans streamlined each stage of the application process. You never have to struggle fitting a square peg into a round hole again.

The platform

Vendors tell us what tech they’re working with; farmers tell us what they need; and we do the heavy lifting with lenders. We forge the relationships and spare you the headaches.

Three types of users
  • Get growing faster
  • Get access to more funding
  • Save time in borrowing process
  • Sell more products, faster
  • Build better customer relationships
  • Find more customers
  • Find more opportunities
  • Better understand indoor farm risk
  • Close more deals
For vendors

You are the sellers, inventors, and innovators of the industry. Our platform, expansive partnerships and a deep industry network to help you close more sales in less time. Simple cases can get rates and terms within 24 hours, and complex ones get round-the-clock attention until we find the best solution.

Vendors can apply to join our network.

We work with the best & the brightest
For Indoor Growers

Contain empowers farmers by improving access to the capital you need.

Fill out our grower lease application, and we’ll help you navigate finding the capital to start or expand your indoor farm. Our minimum lease size is typically around $75,000, and like your dreams, we don’t have an upper limit.

We also connect you to indoor agriculture insurance.

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