Why work with Contain Inc

We Speak Indoor Agriculture

Relax, we know our hydroponic from our aquaponic and our NFT system from our vertical one. We’ve been in the indoor agriculture industry for over six years, so you won’t need to waste time explaining the basics of the industry to us. Our vendor application form is super-simple, and we keep your equipment specs on file for faster closing.

We’re Speedy

We realize that your client is keen to get going on their grow, and – for simple cases – we’ll have rates and terms to them within 24 hours. For more complex or larger cases, we’ll work with your client to find the best solution for their needs as fast as we can. We may not always be able to find the perfect solution, but we are persistent in seeking the best option possible for your client’s circumstances.

We’re Flexible

We understand that working capital is important to your business, and work with a range of North American lenders who are open to funding up to your entire order amount at the initiation of the order, depending on the circumstances. We’re also able to put together product-as-a-service programs for your equipment, a great way to build customer loyalty.

About Our Vendors

Contain Inc is fortunate to work with a wide range of indoor agriculture equipment providers. We work with everyone from newly commercialized startups through to multinational firms and with all kinds of indoor agriculture capital equipment; robotics, automation, grow systems, post harvest systems, LED lights, greenhouse structures, alternate energy for indoor grows, control systems, HVAC, dehumidification equipment, and more!

Become a Vendor

Would you like to join their ranks or recommend that your preferred equipment supplier works with us? Sign up on our platform we’ll get you teed up!

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